Longest year of my life.

December 17, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

Right now I have two things in front of me, a photo & a song. With only these two things I have been “forced” or rather motivated to create a catalogue of thoughts, kind of like a domino effect I suppose. I’ve never before had so many things take place in a period of time both happy and sad to now make me realize that this has been the longest year of my life. I went around the world again, shared it with the second part of me, taught myself some lessons, met plenty of new faces, worked with a lot of new people and amongst a bundle of other things at least I know for sure that I didn’t hold back or second guess my heart. We human beings are so complex, it’s crazy man. Sometimes people and places can seem so bright and cheerful and then within moments you can witness the exact opposite actions & emotions. I have such a difficult time thinking back to the front of this year and imagining how great and even “perfect” things were at certain points and how they even became better and also of course worse. Life is a roller coaster. Out of everything that’s taken place, I can absolutely be sure that the smartest thing I have done is listen to my intuition and although I haven’t made all the right choices personally, I am moving forward with an outlook of looking to always do right instead of always wanting to be right.

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  1. max tarkhov says:

    It’s always about “do” things, not about “be” or born with it.. You totally right.. This year pretty hard for me too, actually the hardest one I remember, but the amount of things I learned, the experience, and quantity of stuff I created outdone everything else.

    Sometime I thought that that is damn wrong just to rely on intuition, or like way of heart, but it in the end, when things get connected it shows the whole picture!

  2. JoshWilliams says:

    Do right….You’re doing right Maestro. Incredible

  3. Vani says:

    ‘the smartest thing I have done is listen to my intuition’
    The first thing I loved about your work was the spontaneity, always keep it !
    Hope next year be an awesome one for you, suerte!
    Cheers from South America (we’re still waiting for you here!)

  4. cpr360 says:

    This year was mentally tiring. I heard that sometimes you have to work to be happy. I think I finally realized that. I feel you on that, but not entirely. I have not worked half as hard as you have. You know what they say though: “When you are at the bottom the only place to go is up.” and “When you are at the top, prepare for the the worst.” I really need to learn to listen to my intuition.

  5. Nikomyo says:

    -“When you are at the top, prepare for the worst”?

    Who says that? That’s a terrible thing to adopt into your cypher…
    My advice cpr360 would be start a steady campaign of positive energy, it could start out as once a day hit that mirror and say “I’ll love you man”, and evolve it into placing what you want or what you want to become as something tangible, and create some rituals that you will keep up with, daily, get on that program for like a year and see if your life doesn’t 180 degree flip into something your hyped on, we only get one life you know, like, your hear, your either wasting your time and energy doing whatever, bumming out…or your altering your path, taking charge of your life, you got it homie..

  6. Nikomyo says:

    Let me add to that,

    Your either on auto pilot or your in the drivers seat… Hit those country roads in the M4, don’t take the bus and go where it goes, cause it ain’t goin no where…

  7. I think this speaks many volumns… I can totally relate. It’s time to put our words into actions!

  8. Alex Collier says:

    please, stay honest man. I appreciate your the energy you bring to your videos, its honestly a novelty. Keep that, its a novelty, don’t allow these capitalist to commoditize your spirit. Stay true!!!!!

  9. Mr. Andre says:


    You’ve got a damn brilliant mind, don’t let life mind-funk you. As beautiful as the world is, it will beat the sh!t out of you. Most likely, amongst your triumphs, you’ve already experienced some of the harshness. It holds true that you can’t have one without the other. That’s to say, good and evil play on the same field. It is crucial to find some kind of balance, because as bright as life can be, the grim realities are always lurking in the shadows. It’s cyclical. As one progresses in age, it becomes easier to adapt to these facts. It’s a painfully beautiful thing!

    I’ll leave you with some mighty words from the benevolent Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:

    “We must use time creatively, in the knowledge that the time is always ripe to do right.”

    What a difference a year can make, aye braddah!?

    On a side note: if you delve into philosophy, be aware of existentialism. It brings the darkness in man to light. Very dicey stuff. Matter-of-fact, you’ve got a positive outlook on life, so it’s probably best for you to refrain from studying existentialism.

    Peace God!

  10. Mike says:

    Keep it up… next year is another long good year.

  11. dynamicproducer says:

    I’m glad to read that you have that insight and that understanding about life and decisions. We will make mistakes, so what’s the use of beating ourselves up too much over our mistakes when they’re inevitable. We don’t know all the answers. Good for you!

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