Levi Maestro’s Black Infinity Piece release info!

December 8, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

I began this design with the intention to communicate that when I give my heart & my word to something, then my energy, my love, my mind, & of course my time become infinitely dedicated. On this run we were able to keep the very sleek & modern appeal by utilizing a Black PVD finish for the case and bezel, allowing us to also achieve a much more affordable price point. This piece is set to be a reminder that when you give your all to something, anything becomes achievable. Available at select in-store releases for $85.


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792 Comments to “Levi Maestro’s Black Infinity Piece release info!”

  1. Jake says:

    7 more.. i NEEED it

  2. Julius Riddick says:

    Maestro is ever so dope!

  3. David says:

    this is so close so close!!

  4. Jacky Lxf says:

    oh wow! 10 more comments and its going to 500!!! Good luck everyone!

  5. Andy Young says:

    Makes me wanna design watches for myself.

  6. David.C says:


  7. Tycho says:


  8. David says:

    come on !!!

  9. Avigail says:

    so close!

  10. Kevin Dang says:

    please 500!

  11. Zachary Estrada says:


  12. pattty says:

    yo maestro

  13. Wesley says:

    yao? any chance of a win??

  14. Daniel Racz says:

    Maestro!! Thanks!

  15. Jake says:

    crazy the attention u get maestro.. sucha wide audience.. amazing

  16. Michael says:


  17. David says:


  18. elijah says:


  19. Avigail says:

    one more!

  20. Jborne210 says:

    I won???????

  21. Jacky Lxf says:

    ahhh 500 coming soon!!

  22. Andy Young says:

    500! Come Onn!!!!!

  23. Marcus says:


  24. divine hype says:


  25. elbonyb says:

    Sooooooooo close

  26. logan says:


  27. Michael says:


  28. David says:


  29. Beer Ischa says:

    Oh well.. One time I will touch this piece! I want to take a closer look.. Gotsta!!

  30. danny says:

    i should have just done the pre order

  31. Julius Riddick says:

    Maestro knows=]

  32. Daniel Racz says:

    Loving the piece!

  33. brian says:


  34. I give my all to turning hearts of youth of america on a daily,,,infinitely

  35. omari says:

    i want this very badly

  36. Duncs says:


  37. Jake says:

    1 more!!

  38. Andy Young says:

    I guess its time to put the sad or happy face on.

  39. Daniel Racz says:

    Real inpsiring!

  40. Jake says:

    I HOPE I WON!!!!

  41. Greg B. says:

    I got a box of bandaids in my Escalade.

  42. Mack says:


  43. Julius Riddick says:

    I hope I win this piece!

  44. Daniel Racz says:


    *Real inspiring.

  45. Jborne210 says:

    Let’s go skate!

  46. Daniel Racz says:

    Enjoy the journey!

  47. Erik says:

    Too ill

  48. jaime says:

    To infinity and beyon

  49. mimi says:

    =( aw I didn’t win. Next time.

  50. Ara says:

    this is so clean, I love it

  51. jaime says:

    To infinity and beyond

  52. Greg B. says:

    I hope I get it!!!

  53. Jerome says:

    Just beautiful!

  54. Jborne210 says:

    Who got it?!?!?

  55. mimi says:

    Daaamn, whatta shhame =(

  56. Lorenzo Magtibay says:


  57. David says:

    damn, after all that, i didn’t make it; i tried so hard. #fail

  58. Murugan Gunasekaran says:

    I hope I win haha

  59. andy says:

    i dont like to wear watches for the exact reason this piece was made. love it.

  60. Ron Magtibay says:


  61. Murugan Gunasekaran says:


  62. Dexter Fizz says:

    i think this song fits your watch perfectly http://soundcloud.com/dexter-fizz/dexter-fizz-timeless-2nd-edit just a song i made the watch looks really dope to bad i didn’t get a chance to go to N.Y to cop one. looks timeless. Dope stuff. ” “

  63. Gerry Lopez says:

    Please let it be me!

  64. Emmanuel Demonteverde says:

    Black infinity!

  65. Jeremy says:

    That would be so cool !

  66. chris says:

    YES. i want it so much!!! please.
    have a nice day sir!!!

  67. Lator1 says:

    Cause Chile is Beyond the infinity!!!

  68. bryan says:

    I NEED ONE !!!

  69. bryan says:


    But i live in germany :( !!! I NEED ONE!

  70. Nobody says:

    I would really love to get this watch! I missed the release at Wish ATL, I was sick :(

  71. @phatlipp18 says:

    check it out I bought mine today its super dope! http://bit.ly/ewbZT3

  72. Fadumar williams III says:

    This piece goes ham turkey and lamb would love to rock this and its a pretty good song playing in the background anyone know the name perhaps? …..Maestro?

  73. Tania says:

    So I guess I’m the only person wondering what song this is

  74. Fadumar williams III says:

    bj the chicago kid lady lady that is the song i searched up and down for this hope u enjoy

  75. Ruud says:

    When is the release in the Netherlands 😉

  76. […] is of course , the infinity piece in black. Much Much appreciated, good way to start the year […]

  77. Binary says:

    wow, cool!!

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