HUF is Keith Hufnagel.

December 4, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

Since years ago when HUF became a brand and I still actively skateboarded everyday I always found it really funny that most HUF supporters didn’t know HUF was a person! Anyway what I really like about this looks book is that it feels & looks like a skateboarder made it! The best one I have seen in quite a long time, great job homie!

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  1. Myk Blauuw says:

    I’ve always been a fan of the quality of HUF products as far as their own line, & their store is a must stop whenever I’m in SF. While I’m not huge on the skateboarding community, I’ve always appreciated how it’s intertwined itself & share so many things w/the hip-hop community.

  2. max tarkhov says:

    I like the overall lookbook style, it represent this feeling of free skating in the city, nice job huf!

  3. Lawrence says:

    This is refreshing. It’s good to see brands like this making their look books feel less like “we’re here to show you these clothes” and more of “this is a glimpse of our life that you are getting to see, and this is how we wear the clothes that accompany life’s moments.”


  4. cpr360 says:

    Really? To be honest I saw this brand a couple weeks ago on a site. I did not know what huf stood for. It puzzled and intrigued me that I did not know. Now i know thank you Maestro and thank you mr. hufnagel for putting out hats i like.

  5. well, its a beautifully made lookbook, and the thing is i love HUF too, so its great altogether…

  6. Jn McHarrie says:

    I totally agree. It looks sick, done by a skateboarder for skateboarders, but can be appreciated by everyone.

  7. HUF! Bay Area represent! Many memories waiting for releases at Sutter and hayes… Look-book is looking awesome.

  8. Adam Elramly says:

    This lookbook is great. 100% raw street skating.

  9. iaaioo says:

    I want some hufff =(

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