Devlin’s Update – “Infinity Piece”

December 14, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

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9 Comments to “Devlin’s Update – “Infinity Piece””

  1. Man…. I’m promising myself a NY trip in 2011. Haven’t been out that way since 2005. Inspirational post as usual! Keep up the good work Dev.

  2. iaaioo says:

    So true, good one devlin!

  3. lsk8 says:

    this is a very nice and unique piece but this should be at least affordable affordable i mean cmon this is like $200-$300 i could buy myself a nice nixon,woodshock,or maybe even 2 nice watches just saying plus how the economy is right now im a big fan of maestro and is cool how hes coming out with new things and making some business but i think the price should be more reasonable(just an opinion)

  4. cpr360 says:

    I feel it. I will get one.

  5. chris says:

    @lsk8 IT’S 85dollars.

  6. Isk8. The piece is only $85. The gold one was $350.

  7. daniel says:

    where can i get one at ?

  8. Marjorie says:

    Devlin, I like the way you presented that message along with the fourth picture. It’s so very true, not to mention deep! By the way, you are one cool kid.

  9. yesac says:

    meowwww hehe dilens candy bar.

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