Concepts for Sorel.

December 14, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

My guy Frank The Butcher killed these shoes! Damn! I am going to pick these up when I’m in Boston next week!

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8 Comments to “Concepts for Sorel.”

  1. max tarkhov says:

    i’d love to have a pair of these! looking so rad!

  2. chris says:

    this is the first time i hear you cuss sir!!!

  3. cpr360 says:

    Very original shoe. Wonder what inspired him to do this?

  4. J says:

    @chris – ha, how is ‘damn’ a curse?

  5. Brett says:

    What day is the Infinity release in Boston?

  6. chris says:

    @J lol, i was jk.
    but thinking about it…’s not really a curse. but DAMN the shoes are nice! haha

  7. Pretty unique and original… I’d have to try them on… lol at the whole “damn” comment… maestro even mentioned it on his twitter.

  8. dynamicproducer says:

    Not really a kicks fan, but those look dope. What’s the material on that?

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