Usher “OMG” Tour – Vegas

November 21, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

Here is a new video I made last week while in Las Vegas with Usher for his “OMG” tour that recently kicked off! If you like his music or a good performance, you should come check out of the shows. Miguel & Trey Songz open up shop too.

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7 Comments to “Usher “OMG” Tour – Vegas”

  1. Philip Chun says:

    I was going to say “doing work,” but it looks like too much fun to be work.
    You’re Definitely an inspiration for people to Follow, Chase, and Fight for their dreams.

  2. eddy says:

    This is sick! I just booked tickets for the show in Berlin because of the impressions of your videos 😉 will you be in Berlin too?

  3. Nickie Dee says:

    Wow, you never cease to amaze me…

    And LMAO at the guys who were picking up chicks at the concert.

  4. Nikomyo says:

    Oh, so your hanging out with Usher now, thats cool :)

  5. Myk Blauuw says:

    this is a big look for you man, congrats.

  6. dynamicproducer says:

    Alright! I can’t wait to see Usher live, he’s an amazing and inspirational artist.

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