Thoughts at 30,000.

November 24, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

When I originally started this “Thoughts” column I had planned on writing a few brief sentences in it every morning after I woke. Well, turns out that’s an extremely difficult task for me, not only because I like pictures more than words but because I’d really rather be outside in the sunshine than do anything else.
Anyway it just occurred to me as I sit in this little seat with no space around me that I don’t write enough, and for lack of a better and less emo word that saddens me. The way I look at writing is that it’s the education of myself, I put out my words, I make sense of them in a different way than I knew before and then BLAOW! I just grew up a little bit more. So there it is, when I write —> I learn.

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5 Comments to “Thoughts at 30,000.”

  1. abena ansah says:


  2. Jacob D. says:

    We learn when we read as well…

  3. What he meant is, if you are a good reader it doens’t mean you will be a good writer. So, if you want too express yourself better, for sure you should keep writing your thoughts.
    Muito bom Maestro.

  4. Myk Blauuw says:

    BLAUUW! as in Myk Blauuw haha. i know what you mean when you say it saddens you; every now & then I stop & realize I haven’t written in too long & it makes me get focused on taking time out for myself.

  5. Jn McHarrie says:

    when you write, we learn man. keep it up.

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