November 17, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

My guys over at HOF made this real nice sweatshirt with me! I’ve know them for years and we’ve both come a long way since then, so this is why I decided for it to read “MAKING MY WAY to the HALL OF FAME“! Photos by Ryan Lusteg. In-store release info & more pics following….

Hall Of Fame. 449 N Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA. 11/20 @11am. 323.655.6002. 50 available.

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866 Comments to “MAESTRO & HALL OF FAME!”

  1. i would love to have this

  2. Jake says:

    lets go!!

  3. 123kid says:

    make me 795 maestro!!!!!

  4. david says:

    can i win this time

  5. 123kid says:

    want this signed to if i win and get to 795

  6. i dont ever win anything, so this would be a great first!

  7. N A T A S H A says:


  8. Matt Kern says:

    sucks that i don’t live in LA and couldn’t buy it in store. hopefully i get 765!

  9. avigail says:

    i want it!

  10. Cc says:

    Maestro = authentic

  11. 123kid says:

    maestro maestro send me to 795!!!

  12. 123kid says:

    i want to be 795

  13. amy c says:

    Please gimme the sweatshirt! I love it!

  14. Cc says:

    What a great sweatshirt

  15. 123kid says:

    goin down and i wanna be 795

  16. brian says:

    hmmmmmm i wonder

  17. 123kid says:

    i dont wanna be anything less or more than 795

  18. Gabe Godines says:

    #765? is this post#765?

  19. Cc says:

    Makkinnn mahhhh wayyyy toooo thaaa halll offff faammee

  20. 123kid says:

    please be me! 795 winner!

  21. 123kid says:

    795 winner i wanna be!

  22. Cc says:

    You tha best maestro

  23. 123kid says:

    795 is where i wanna be!

  24. Gabe Godines says:

    Good job CC…Congratulations!

  25. 123kid says:

    795 i want to win!!!!!

  26. Fred says:

    Please let me win that sweater; it’s my size too.

  27. N A T A S H A says:


  28. 123kid says:

    really wanna rock this sweater, but on a mad budget.

  29. taye says:


  30. 123kid says:

    got to win to rock this sweater!

  31. Bob Soulo says:

    I’m 5’3 i need a small but medium will do!

  32. Raghav says:


  33. Mr. Legaspi says:

    No offense to your other sweater, but what it says on the back makes it dope.

  34. 123kid says:

    i wanna rock this.

  35. 123kid says:

    795 is me please

  36. Fred says:

    I really hope I win this sweater. Maestro is my dude.

  37. 123kid says:

    i wont be anything less than 795 the winner!

  38. 123kid says:

    will it be me????? the winner!

  39. 123kid says:

    whats the count cuz i wanna be 795

  40. 123kid says:

    i hope to win and be 795

  41. 123kid says:

    oh man please i wanna be 795

  42. Fred says:

    Whether my post is #765 or not, this sweater is one I would rock ASAP.

  43. deckstir says:


  44. Fred says:

    The “M” logo on this crewneck is so dope.

  45. 123kid says:

    i just wanna win please!

  46. 123kid says:

    i want to win and get to 795.

  47. 123kid says:

    aw man i thought it was 795 damn!

  48. Fred says:

    Every day I feel like I, too, am “making my way to the hall of fame”.

  49. Kevan N says:

    keep’em commin fm

  50. Fred says:

    This crewneck + infinity piece = flawless.

  51. Fred says:

    Man, couldn’t come through today; wish I was able to, though.

  52. Fred says:

    Bottomline: I gotta get this sweater. 4 real.

  53. sam callis says:

    YaY I called HOF from London and mine is in the post. Early Xmas present to self

  54. This was a really nice collab.

  55. Jn McHarrie says:

    My HOF X MAESTRO sweat has been gracing the streets of Manchester England daily, and always receives love.

  56. I could’ve definitely used this.

    cold as hell in Chicago.

  57. Yo Maestro! I was the first winner at the 100th comment but I never received the crew! Not trying to be rude, just saying…lol

  58. dynamicproducer says:

    Dope saying on that sweatshirt. Very nice.

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