Devlin’s Update – “The Old School”

November 25, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

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10 Comments to “Devlin’s Update – “The Old School””

  1. JaeSays says:

    Can I ask a question? I have followed Maestro’s stuff since the beginning and everything he posts or is a part of has some type of substance to it. I am just wondering what your posts are for? They are very random and don’t seem to be for any particular reason. Don’t get me wrong the typography and composition of the images are great. I just don’t understand the daily posts of random thoughts.


    The reason for these short and sweet updates: Devlin and thinkers alike are AHEAD of the curb.. while you and I try and dissect everything happening around us.. hes living it. JUST DOING. JUST LIVING. without wasting their minds or time on endless thoughts that hold them back from experiencing the things they love the most. Until we understand that we’ll be clicking on our tab to fill our needs.

  3. Jbo says:

    ^^ aye dont worry about people who may have questions Delvin. You must be doing something right to Keep them coming back.

  4. CB says:

    Don’t analyze it. There is substance.

  5. JaeSays says:

    CHICKENERITO how is a post like this “ahead of the curb”? I am guessing you meant “ahead of the CURVE” correct? Anyway, for you to assume I am something other then a thinker is ignorant. You don’t know me or anyone else on this site. I was asking Delvin a straight up question with no hate involved.

    Jbo, I was asking him a question. I didn’t say what he was doing was wack.

    CB, don’t analyze? Uhm, Devlin and Maestro analyze all the time. That’s what they do. Maestro himself talks about taking things into perspective and breaking them down everyday.

  6. Complex says:

    I think that Devlin is creating posts that are about positive things in life and not to get held on up on stupid and irrelevant stuff. I believe this post is about thinking about the good times, as a child when you had no worries and problems and trying to bring that era of your life back.

  7. Zack McTee says:

    no substance? I thought there was a ton of substance in what big D was talking about here. I guess substance can be interpreted different by different people, but when I read something from a teenage kid talking about how important it is to pay attention to artists of our past, I am floored by the amount of substance.

  8. riley says:

    Is there anyone who didn’t already know that there was older music that was good?

  9. Sonny says:

    I have to agree with Jae. Everyone is quick to say “hater” or some other BS but I don’t really get the point of all of these random updates. It’s like Devlin is trying to be like Maestro by recording all of these little everyday things that we wouldn’t usually notice. Whereas Maestro goes into detail and talks about it for a few minutes, Devlin barely touches on it. I mean, I like seeing videos of Nike HQ and interviews with Cartoon, but I really don’t see the point of telling everyone you bought a pack of baseball cards today. Just my 0.02.

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