Yue Wu directs Verbal+Yoon.

October 10, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

My favorite Parisian friend Yue Wu just directed this ridiculously dope video for Dr. Martens 50.

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7 Comments to “Yue Wu directs Verbal+Yoon.”

  1. Tremayne says:

    yue does a great job capturing how the doc martens brand fits in the underground scene in Japan. however after watching all the doc marten 50 tribute, i think ‘the duke spirit’ vid that was shot by Jamie Morgan captured the spirit of the overall doc marten brand and celebrated the punk culture that gravitated and embraced the brand. seamless product, song placement. classic.


  2. TRIX says:

    Love the stablized-effect. YueWu-FTW!!!

  3. Nikomyo says:

    I would have liked more of the shot from on stage out over the crowd, that was lookin dope, The video was high energy just like the song, didn’t really understand it but it was fun.
    Ed Banga runnin these rascals holla

  4. point8cam says:

    Man, barrel wobbles has never looked ever sexy!

  5. Nick Tera says:

    Amazing video! Love the track, and Yoon and Verbal as artists!

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