October 6, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

This is beautifully shot & put together. Includes my friends Sky and Jeff.

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18 Comments to “Influencers.”

  1. Gabe says:

    Fack what’s the name of the song used, it’s totally slipping my mind!

  2. Ryan Lyles says:

    where can i watch?

  3. Inspirational as usual, thanks for posting Maestro.

  4. vee says:

    WOW! That looks interesting. I can’t wait to see the full thing.

  5. Juan says:

    AMAZING!! Very Good!

  6. sung jin says:

    the song is called ‘the reeling’ by Passion Pit.

  7. Nikomyo says:

    “The Reeling” by Passion Pit.

  8. simon says:

    when will it come to movie theatrs (if even?) or be able to wach?

  9. mike says:

    looks very interesting! hopefully it’s available in switzerland too!
    @ gabe: its Passion Pit – The Reeling (album is called manners. released in early 2009)

  10. The song is The reeling by Passion Pit (great band)

    Cool, hope to see more of it soon. Thanks Maestro !

  11. Jason says:


    The name of the song at the beginning is “No Worries” by Robert Glasper, a mad talented jazz pianist.

  12. chris vidal says:

    Nicely put together, Skylar’s comment should be the theme of the video….#realtalk

  13. Pat-D says:

    Passion Pit- The Reeling

  14. ? says:

    passion pit

  15. Itoro Udoko says:

    Very inspirational and brilliantly shot.

  16. Alex says:

    what is the song before passion pit starts??

  17. I’m really looking forward to watching the full documentary. Yo Maestro, why didn’t they include you in the documentary kid?!!

  18. […] proof is the way I noticed this video. My favorite bloggers (read influencers) like¬†Nalden, Meastroknows and¬†SwissMiss all posted it on the same day on their blog! Somebody who wants to influence the […]

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