The Quattro skates.

September 1, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

Beautiful. Original. Proper. Defining. Gourmet.

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16 Comments to “The Quattro skates.”

  1. Andrew says:

    very dope very dope

  2. clementine says:

    excellent choice in music, le da un toque de frescura y nostalgia al video. Felicitaciones.

  3. cpr360 says:

    On my list now.

  4. Cc says:

    This Is really good. Made me want those shoes

  5. eydryan says:

    awesome visuals, and an altogether amazing edit

    didn’t like the last bit when he enters the restaurant or whatever. it’s out of character and it’s too long

  6. fato says:

    Nice! They look so fresh and there is a little something of the Jordan XII 😉

  7. Zian says:

    If they are trying to market to skaters they should show more skating, you can ride around in any shows. At least pop the board once.

  8. Nickie Dee says:

    I love the urban chic concept. Oh, the music selection was so good too.

  9. alex says:

    snazzy sneak. gonna tear laces like nobody’s business though…

  10. jones023 says:

    dope,. some times it is very difficult to make a choice,. between NYC or TOKYO,. but after this amazing clip,. I’m more confused,. But good job,.!

  11. Nikomyo says:

    Smart move for them to get into the skate market, I think with fashion, or the quality footwear game, it’s too saturated, and basically comes down to who who gets the biggest loans for advertising rat races. Skateboarding, however, you can drop something like this for the price of maybe even free, post it all over the skate world, get someone wack like Jimmy Gorecki to rep it (hahah oooooooooh), throw up some illusive wheat paste banners at all the NY parks, and call it a day, let the phone calls from shops around the country roll in.

  12. Moe says:

    MHh whats the song its greattt???? any help out there?

  13. John says:

    did you do this? if so props!

  14. cj says:

    i am i said – neil diamond

  15. Jn McHarrie says:

    i love everything about this video……beautifully done.

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