My new t-shirt?

September 27, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

I have been looking at this photo lately that my friend Ryan Lusteg took of me a while back and am trying to figure out what I could do with it. I feel like making another t-shirt and think this would be a really dope photo for one. I figured I’d reach out to you this time and see what you think. Should this be a new Maestro Knows shirt?

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58 Comments to “My new t-shirt?”

  1. Nairb Rebus says:

    This is a dope shot I would defiantly cop!

  2. Hassan says:

    This would be PERFECT for a T-Shirt

  3. Jason says:

    The picture is dope would look great with a black tee

  4. Sid Ashford says:

    My vote is YES, it should be.

  5. Ruboi says:

    It’s a great picture, but it should definitely be you doing the trick. A picture of you doing a switch tre flip? I know you got them.

  6. Gabe says:

    That would be fresh…I would rock it…

  7. ilhe1s says:

    Yes I really like this photo and would like to see/have it on a MK T-Shirt. Love the sepia, but I think a negative would also look cool.

  8. Corey Hogue says:

    This would be dope graphic for a tee. The whole imagery of the photo stands out. I skate myself, so it automatic grabs my attention. Overall this a one of a kind tee.

  9. LeviV says:

    Yes MK! This will be Legit! I have the 1st tee, I need néed new MK clothing.

  10. bryambryam says:

    i would deff try and buy if it makes it to be a shirt, but i guess thats the skater side of me.
    Non skaters might hesitate

  11. Rasmus B says:

    That’s one great photo!

  12. Ronald says:

    Your face should be visible.

  13. Cc says:

    Well it’s a really dope picture for sure. But I think it would be better if you could put a picture that shows your face. But either way I’m still gonna buy the t shirt!!!

  14. juanronin says:

    yes very nice t-shirt!!!!

  15. perry says:

    I think it looks great. Shirt would look nice! But maestro, I saw so much dope shit in all of your work.. You could bring out a few shirts.. Think about it..

  16. It would be cool if your face was in it. Not to say I wouldn’t buy it anyway.

  17. Shingo Anaya says:

    Yes. This’ll be PERFECT.

  18. Wajima says:

    Yes. This should be your next t-shirt!

  19. natasha says:

    i agree….face being visible would help…i think a better action shot….when i wear my mk(13) shirt people always comment “who’s that”…”your shirt is cool”…”its like he’s pointing at you”…lol it gets alot of attention and ive only wore it 3 times

  20. YES IT WOULD LOOK REAL DOPE, however… i think maybe you could do something more with the picture rather than this old effect, really bring out the L.A sun in the photo and make the picture look even more dope… and add something that allows others to know its you, maybe show your face or even another picture shwoin your face, or just maestro knows or something… BUT anyway thats my feedback. stay cool…

  21. Nico Gibson says:

    What’s up Levi… I work as a designer at an agency in downtown Chicago and I think this shot overlaid with your logo would make for a great promo poster / piece… I could hook you up free if your down! I’m always looking for little projects and I’m a fan… Let me know!

  22. Tremayne says:

    I think you should used the Maestro Knows logo on the front, on top of the pic. then use this quote place possibly on the back:

    “True love from one human being to another can often be one of the most motivating emotions felt by the mind, body & soul. Whether given or gotten, the positive energy love provides, seems to be unexplainable and often indescribable. Show & prove, love & live.”

    i think this quote captures the essence of the pic, because of your love for skateboarding helped catapult you in everything you are doing now…

    or you can just put,

    “Show & prove, love & live”

    inspire us to wear the shirt.

  23. AFB says:

    great !!!!!

  24. gregory says:

    i agree with tremayne

  25. Ralphie Sea says:

    Definitely would wear this on a super vintage fabric. Maestro Knows logo huge on the back…. everything should look a bit worn in on a faded black vintage fabric. Grunge steez.

  26. deeaayenn says:

    yeah, but with writing this time. you cant have all of them the same with just a pic on the front. mix it up a little

  27. Jessica B. says:

    I could definitely rep another Maestro shirt.

  28. Ty says:

    Use a quote on the shirt somewhere. your quotes are great and so is this picture. although it makes it look strictly a skate t. and thats not exactly what maestro knows is all about

  29. Joseph Stone says:

    Well I hope the layout wil be different…like ANDY WARHOLIZE it or something…ADD COOL FONTS…



  30. Joseph Stone says:


  31. Maurits Rozema says:

    Well, i think the pic has the same vibe as your first T and skateboarding is your passion, but what is it telling about MK? Its a picture that will be great on a T-Shirt but i’m just asking why you would chouse this photo in particular? When you would chouse, for instance, for a series of photos of this artist and make, lets say 3 T-shirts it would be more about artist what is intersting i think. Now its not about the artist or yourself, its just a great picture. Thats my opinion thow, its not a bad idea but i think you could do better 😉

  32. Dennis says:

    oh yes it should! awesome!

  33. Maurits Rozema says:

    @tremanye, that quote has nothin to do with the skateboarding side of this pic and T and THE quote is to long i think. No really MK’s style i think to explain such a feeling in a long quote. This is more the explaination of the quote. Smaller and more compact would be awsome thow!
    And to Natasha, of you wear the shirt like that less i would like to bug it from you because i still havent got one :-(
    Peace and love!

  34. Ashley says:

    YEEEESSS PPLLEEAAASSEEEE :) I didnt get your other one so, this would be awesome

  35. Jaime T says:

    Honestly, it’s a great picture and it could make for a great tee as well, but I think you should hold off on this. Not to say I wouldn’t be down to grab one. Hehe.

  36. Peggy says:

    If you make girls sizes then YESYESYES!!!

  37. Jonna says:

    Yo Maestro, that image would be perfect on a shirt! I think it needs the maestroknows logo in the bottom right corner though, just to put the cherry on top! Then it’s like a signature range!

  38. Tremayne says:

    @Maurits…you are right that would be a little long…and the quote has more to do with how skateboarding is the starting point in which most of his creative endeavors spring from.

    “Show & prove, love & live” Limited Edition T-Shirt


  39. max says:

    Definitely. Maybe with your “Work Hard and Do for yourself cause noone is going to do what you want for you” quote written at the bottom of the picture in white. I would also say on a white or gray shirt. But that’s just me. I trust your judgement maestro.

  40. will clap says:

    looks rad levi, makes me want to go for a roll right now. i would love it simple, black or grey or white tee with this on the front, its all it needs. keep doing what you doing bro you make me get up, get out and get things done each day. i’m off for a skate haha

  41. Insight says:

    I’d cop!

  42. natasha says:

    i think it would be cool too if u had on the old mk shirt…in the photo…….how insanely cool…i like how the mk13 was just a photot…no large words or anything

  43. Magnus says:

    OK, accept your ass looks huge! haha

  44. Hamilton says:

    This picture looks great. Printed on a white or black tee I would definitely buy it!! Like Mr. Nike would say: Just do it 😉

  45. undrngrn says:

    I don’t thins so Maestro,it should be something more!

  46. Bumelake D. says:

    rad picture man, bet that looks dope on a black or white t.shirt

  47. cpr360 says:

    Does he have one showing the back of your shirt in it? Is it a whole message? If so work with that. If not it looks good but needs something more to it, I do like the color of it all. But it just feels like it is missing something. Cant quite say I am not sure. I would say on a white tee. But you should definitely come out with a shirt soon. Gotta have it!

  48. cpr360 says:

    Notice how you talked about a shirt and got this many comments in such a little time. You already do but to let you know again we would really like some Maestro Knows Clothing. I guess in due time, we will be waiting.

  49. natalia says:


  50. Parmoth Dewan says:

    nice rideing da safespot skatespot..

  51. NappyByNature says:

    ayee do it !

  52. Will Smith says:

    YES this is even doper than the 1st tee!!!

  53. xMinty says:

    i think this picture is dope, but i think you could probably do better. it’s basically like an ass shot so we really can’t tell who it is. i’m just stating my opinion though. either way maestro, you have my respect for what you’re doing. keep it up!

  54. michael says:

    Definitely make this a t shirt. Reminds me of the ones i like from Estevan and Upper Playground. Its got that old skool kinda look thats HOT!

  55. Tremayne says:

    @xMinty: you are right, it is just an a$$ shot but, i think it adds to the value of the shirt, because a) it opens up conversation b) the fact that it could be anybody could charaterize some of maestros themes such as if you work hard and believe anybody can live out their dreams. however, he should add his logo on the bottom right corner..

  56. Ec says:

    yeah, no doubt

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