My friend DJ SOURMILK.

September 5, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro


The other night I got to hang with my friend Milk. We met a few years ago here in LA through my friend Tone and he offered me to attend this Backstage Breakfast with Kanye West that Power 106 was putting on. I couldn’t go unfortunately because my boss at the time wouldn’t let me have the day off but I thought it was really cool that someone who didn’t even know me would be so generous. Well now I know Milk real well, he has seen me go from having a boss to being my own boss and has greatly assisted me along the way. This is the guy right here that woke up at 7am to play ball with me in the first ever episode of Maestro Knows! Same guy who gave you the MK mixtapes & a bunch of other dope ones if you google his name. Milk is one of the hardest working, most never sleeping, love chasing people I know. The type of person that makes Los Angeles the motivating place that made me wanna show it to the world, my way.

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3 Comments to “My friend DJ SOURMILK.”

  1. Niran says:

    nice post! I want to be my own boss but for now, I’ll stick with interning!

  2. sam callis says:

    DJ Sour Milk Errrwwwwwww.
    Best DJ around

  3. cpr360 says:

    Being your own boss is an experience that frees you I would imagine. Shouts to milk with the nice mixes.

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