Bun B on Jimmy Fallon Late Night.

September 18, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

I like constantly putting things in retrospect. With that said, I never thought I would be friends with a rapper that’s actually one of the coolest people I’ve ever met, let alone the possibility that he would wear a shirt with my face on it. Haha life is pretty amazing. Thanks a lot for all the support Bun, let’s make some more great stuff soon!

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  1. Joey @ Amsterdam says:

    Too bad it’s sold out

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Bun B is the most stand-up rapper in the game right now. I was bullshittin with Statik Selektah at the Fools Gold show on Labor Day and he mentioned Bun.

    He said I’ll land in Houston and be like, “Yo Bun who should I call to pick me up?” and Bun responds “I’m outside in my car waiting for you man.” Just funny to hear that.

  3. Ty says:

    Good shit. I want a tshirt lol

  4. BOOM!
    The Progression Will Exist, As Long As The Preparation Is In Place To Meet The Opportunity.

    Love the monumental moments that life presents when one expresses his/her self within the midst of it.
    This is a pure example of Progression….as well as an ::indieN::

    Much Props Maestro! …Keep The Revolution Alive!

    – TRIX | ::indieN:: (weareindieNs.tumblr.com)

  5. Duckie says:

    i love bun!
    bun for president! lol


  6. YaBoyWC says:

    Oh Man. This Is So #Legitimate.
    Congrats for the success Maestro. Your face on one of the most stand up rappers!

  7. cpr360 says:

    Man u have progressed so much in the past couple of months since like february since I first got on here. Man thats been months that I seen so much I know it is a process but damn you are living how YOU WANT TO. Well thats what it seems like, you make me want to follow my dreams! Seeing the progression of a normal person become something more is one of the best things about the internet! I could have never gotten this and felt so close to somebody coming up in Hollywood. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

  8. Brennan says:

    That’s awesome. Bun B is great. When did this episode air? I was searching the Late Night webpage couldn’t find it.

  9. Jn McHarrie says:

    props bun b reppin’ maestro

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