The power of impact.

August 31, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

“Hello I’m Craig. I’m 20 years old goin to school from Long island NY. I stumbled upon maestro knows right when you dropped the first episode. Right away I was drawn. I was drawn because I was able to experience a culture different from mine. I am a black kid from the suburbs but have an appreciation for other cultures around. I didn’t realize how inspirational your show was to me until the Hawaii episode. I had watched every video everytime you dropped one. Right when I was discovering you I was goin through a hard time in my life. I tried committing suicide that same week the first episode dropped. What I realized Levi is that your show, your personality, your words saved me! I may not necessarily want to do the same thing as you but I have dreams. You made me realize that dreams are not too far from reality. I have told all my friends about maestroknows. You are true inspiration to me Levi. I have a different attitude on life. And since you helped me I will pay it forward to the rest of the world and do my best to inspire. Thank you Levi. Thank you so very much. I hope you accomplish everything in your life. God has big plans for you and I’m excited to see what happens. God bless and I can’t type it enough THANK YOU”

*I was skateboarding at the park yesterday when I got this email, soaked in sweat I grabbed my phone just to check for any missed calls and instead I randomly opened this email. I’ve said before that I do what I love & make things according to my standards because I’m only trying to make myself happy. I think it’s very ironic that by doing that, my work has been able to make a difference to a few people out there in the world. Even more importantly this message that Craig sent me created a huge impact in my life by making me realize all over again that I am just a vessel and what I create is the blood, without it I am essentially not functioning. I am here to carry through the work that was meant for me and I’m really happy that it’s getting done.*

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8 Comments to “The power of impact.”

  1. GabeGodines says:

    Amazing…Maestro…Thank you for being and inspiration to a lost generation…if you can continue to spread your positivity through your passion for your work, I believe you will carry through the work that was meant for you! Keep doing what you’re doing! I constantly refer to you in my work readiness class when I’m teaching the kids that work is important, but it doesn’t always have to be for someone else…You can do what you love, and it might not make you rich, at least not right away, but you can be happy doing what you love to do…

  2. Sean says:

    You def had an impact on people’s lives including me,Keep doing your thing maestro & make people motivated & inspired – Sean

  3. MArh says:

    MAn I was saying the same thing. I started my site just to document my lifestyle change. And now I have people hitting me up with their stories. It’s very humbling. Man keep being an inspiration bruh, and the cycle of motivation will continue. Live Love Love Life.

  4. Phil says:

    Craig predicted it EXACTLY!!!! There’s no better way to define the feelings you get, when you’re watching MaestroKnows episodes. No doubt about it! : )

  5. MaestroFan says:

    Maestro I’ll go as far to say that your show has changed my life. Thank you.

  6. Insight says:

    Wow, thats dope bro. Awesome to here stories like that. changing peoples lives one show at a time. I came across your stuff not to long ago also, saw your interview with Tone. I was between that and your show, it has really inspired me to get up and do something. Thanks bro, and may God continue to bless you.

  7. cpr360 says:

    Man I have got to say that you definitely one of the people I look up to. I first ran into your site a couple of months ago. For like a couple days straight I was in my room just catching up on maestro knows, seeing what it is you know. It seems you know quite a few things. I must say that as a young man to see some one that I see as growing up not very different than me, not living too far from me, and who planned his dreams out, it really motivates me. I showed this to a couple people but they did not get it. It is so positive and inspiring, if someone does not get it, you do not try to explain it because it does not need it. You either are in spirit and inspired or not. And let me tell you this is a + matter. I watched these shows every one through the soccer tour and realized that positivity can be transferred just like energy and more so than ever. I think your show signifies that. I became a more positive person because of it. I never posted a comment until today. I want to say that you have changed my life. Seeing that you helped save one has helped restore my belief that I was losing. I hope you realize that you have changed many lives. I wonder if you intended this and knew how big of an impact it would have? I would compare you to another person I look up to but I think you would rather be known as your own. Peace.

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