July 13, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro


“My goal is to teach myself the lesson before I have to learn it from someone else, this way I don’t make mistakes”. @LeviMaestro

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  1. Jacob D. says:


  2. Nikomyo says:

    Thats up there with the most profound things ever said, I’m real into this kick recently and I havn’t heard that from anyone.

  3. Tej says:

    I don’t think you can learn anything without making mistakes. self-taught or not. screwing up defines boundaries, makes you better.

  4. sierra says:

    I really love how your such a inspiring person
    even on twitter!

  5. akam1k3 says:

    it would be awesome to get some of your inspiring quotes on video. vacation from norway and im in la till monday. it would be cool to feature you on my blog. give the scandinavian fans of yours a closer look on MK. thanks in advance.

  6. 9thProphet says:

    Wow. sir you have come a long. way, and i think i will be re-quoting this or hoping to come up with something as inspirational as this… Keep doing your thing

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