July 12, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

_RPL7748_RPL7777_RPL7732Seattle. What do I have in common with Drifting? You will see soon enough.
Photos: Ryan Lusteg

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17 Comments to “#KillingItSoftly”

  1. Duha says:

    LOVE IT!

  2. simon says:

    looking forward to it!

  3. JJ says:

    YO! Maesto Knows tee! haha Im such a stan…… sell those ones too lol

  4. MattNz says:

    nice, pretty sure thats madmikes rx from new zealand:)

  5. E says:

    Mike Whidett’s RX8?

  6. Phil says:

    That’s pretty cool! : )

  7. WZN says:


  8. carolina says:

    your too dope………..
    ily Levy Maestro!!!

  9. Adam says:

    What Camera do you use for all of your material ?

  10. esse says:

    Is that a new Maestro Knows T-Shirt I see???

  11. sierra says:

    i really love your shirt, you should sell them. Cause i will buy one!!
    and your watch.
    your the best Levi Maestro

  12. Jason A D says:

    Thats a mean gaming face you got there Maestro, catchin them crooks in nfs:hp lol. Not better than the real thing no doubt!

  13. meng says:

    yellow headphones!

  14. javi says:

    What Camera do you have?

  15. Jn McHarrie says:

    these pictures are heavy, love the beats headphones…….

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