Levi Maestro’s Infinity Piece.

June 16, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro


I am very proud to announce today, my very first creation of design that will be made available to the public for purchase .  After several months of working with Los Angeles based jeweler Shayan Afshar on what began as a personal project of dedication, I have finally come up with something that I feel is undeniable.  I began this design with the intention to communicate that when I give my heart & my word to something, then my energy, my love, my mind, & of course my time become infinitely dedicated.  Juxtaposing the materials of a translucent plastic band and a casing with a custom made bezel completely emerged in rose gold resulted with very original & classic qualities. This piece is set to be a reminder that when you give your all to something, anything becomes achievable. During the time I was recently in Paris my friend Mathieu from NBP came up with these nice photographs for me.



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35 Comments to “Levi Maestro’s Infinity Piece.”

  1. Fred says:

    Really Nice…

  2. trevon says:

    where could i get one?

  3. Duha says:

    LOVE IT!

  4. Gavin says:

    International shipping? I NEED to get my hands on this!

  5. mikey says:

    Well done, Maestro. You’ve grown, seen and done more over the past 14 months than many people will in ten years. I look forward to further installments of MAESTRO KNOWS and updated blog posts.


  6. CA says:

    Looks rad. I want one. How to get one? Plus. More photos of it please. But the whole thing is just awesome!

  7. Yin says:

    i love the simplicity of it, a classic touch to it. That backpack you have on, where is it from?

  8. Phil says:

    Wow, I really like this watch. It combines something modest and classy – it looks preppy! : )

  9. nicholas seymour says:

    is it water proof

  10. Maurits Rozema says:

    wow FUCKING nice!

  11. Reez says:

    good work buddy. Keep it up. Let’s get dinner asap.

  12. Nickie Dee says:

    Mad classy, man! Keep up the good work!

  13. Duckie says:



  14. jose says:

    i like the watch
    info on the chambray?

  15. Chad Gibson says:


  16. lepito 33 says:

    I just found my Birthday present…It looks great & so 2020

  17. says:

    please!!!!!iInternational shipping plzzzz!!!!!i love it!!!!!!!!♥

  18. pablosson says:

    Looks dope, when will they be available for purchase?

  19. KillaVee says:

    Its undeniably classic. Great Design.

  20. prima says:

    Gorgeous, and incredibly inspiring.

    And its also an amazing photo of you.

  21. Anu says:

    Classic and Classy! the taste level is very high on this one!
    I can see that on people all over the world.

  22. MaestroFan says:

    not really a watch person…
    but i could become one.

  23. steviegunz says:

    yo does it even tell time?? haha i dont see an actual watch face on this watch. or does it not have one due to the “infinity” name?
    if so…. thats a cool idea =P HOLLA

  24. Florinel says:

    the watch is awesome…i want a gift like this…by the way today is my birthday:D..great picture..another step forward for you Maestro.. BRAVOOOO!!!!

  25. Jacob D. says:

    Nice! I want one, (How do I get one?) You need a good watch to have a good time!

  26. YUCHUN says:

    what’s the shirt i like it`~??

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  28. Christina says:

    I love it! Ahhmazing!

  29. K.D says:

    Shirt is from Bleu de Paname, french brand!
    Really nice!

  30. This is a piece of art, without doubt, you’re truly an inspiration Levi, thanx man!

  31. Meji says:

    You know what – it’s a nice watch. And I don’t wear watches.

  32. […] had heard about Maestro Knows “Infinity Piece” watch and really liked the whole idea about it.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go to NY for the drop at Reed Space but a few […]

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