May 9, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro


*For everyone that missed it, sorry =/. Full length episode coming soon!*

I have a 3.5 minute teaser for me & my homies adventures in HAWAII that is going to make the first ever full length Maestro Knows episode. This trailer will never be released to the public, how ever if this post receives 100 comments I will put the teaser online for 1 hour to then be viewed by any & everyone who looks. Show me what ya got.

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211 Comments to “#MK1YEARANNIVERSARY”

  1. seany says:

    no teaser please haha

  2. Pedro says:

    We want that !

    Portugal wants that !

  3. .... says:

    cant wait! n already past 100!

  4. Viktor says:

    By doing like that you are not thinking about your international viewers..the clock was like 7 in the morning in europe when you put it online :/ do another release please! love your show!
    peace man!

  5. undrgrnd says:

    Bulgaria is also waiting Maestro!

  6. Johnny Merk says:

    just give me a time and place maestro

  7. Jackson29 says:


  8. borpla says:

    cmon post it again i am from europe too

  9. joel says:

    # 209….. i want to see it.
    joel-puerto rico

  10. Post the FULL VIDEO up!

  11. I fool@round says:

    Show us what you got…….I believe I am comment 211.

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