What life is about.

April 25, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

When one human being reaches out to another to let them know the way they feel, not only have they made an honest offering to be appreciated but they have taken advantage of one of the greatest things life has to offer….touching another human being.

Dear Maestro,

First off, I guess I should get the specifics out of the way and assure you that (a) I am a normal person and (b) I am not selling anything.

My name is Mickey and I am a newly annointed Stay-At-Home-Dad. I have a 3 year-old terrorist (my wife calls him a “boy”) who, by all accounts, likes to test just how quickly I can respond to daily emergencies.

I’ll be honest with you: I am a HUGE fan of your blog and of your artwork (yep, I consider the videos works of art). And I just wanted to say thank you.

You see, I graduated from NYU in 2004 and went straight into the workforce. Over the years, without realizing it, corporate america slowly began to suck the life out of me. I was making decent money but, life just wasn’t the fun experience I knew it could be. Eventually, I met my wife, we had our son, and life became a cycle of getting paid, paying bills, and just going back to work.

A few years ago, I discovered your blog. I will happily admit that I would visit your site while I was at work. And, little by little, through watching your videos and listening to your infectious positivity, my creative spirit was re-awakened. For various reasons and through a billion different circumstances that life threw my way, I recently found myself, at home, and unemployed. While, initially, it was terrifying to be out of work for the first time in over 6 years, my wife helped me to take it in stride, to slowly realize that maybe this was meant to happen.

And that’s how my own blog developed. To take advantage of my time at home and inspired by some of the content on your blog, I have started to chronicle my daily adventures with my son as we both adjust to me being at home on a full-time basis (here is a link to my blog: http://sippycupsandcufflinks.blogspot.com/). While it is directly related to my experiences as a stay-at-home dad, I wanted to make sure my images and videos reflected the personal style that I had developed after years of living in this gorgeous city. I also wanted to approach them with the level of respect and professionalism I had grown accustomed to on your own site.
I got my degree in History. I know nothing about professional videography or photography but I do know what I like and the people that I respect. You are, without a doubt, one of those people. I just wanted you to know that. And I wanted to say thank you for the part you played in helping me learn to LIVE my LIFE and not letting my LIFE LIVE me.

I can imagine that work, life and the Internet keep you busy but, if the mood should strike you, check out my blog and feel free to email me with any advice/comments/ramblings you may have.

Once again, most importantly, however, THANK YOU.

I wish you nothing but the best.”

Take care,
Mickey aka “Mr. Cufflinks”

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11 Comments to “What life is about.”

  1. WOOOWWW! this is neat and his words are verry true!

  2. You positivity really IS infectious. :)

    Thank You x3

  3. kurtisbertolami says:

    Wow that’s amazing. You truly are one of a kind Maestro and you ARE DEFINITELY doing the right thing with your life. Keep up the great and inspirational work!

  4. Yo says:

    He read your blog a few years ago? You had a blog? If i can remember corectly you started maestro knows almost exactly a year ago.

  5. Just a note says:

    Knowing this man on a personal level and after reading this and taking a look at your blog I could clearly see why and how you are an inspiration to many. Hi five to both you Maestro and Mr. Cuffkinks.

  6. sanctobin says:

    your infectious positivity – Aloha to that & keep rollin’

  7. Matt says:

    This is awesome…I need to film my daughter more.

  8. Vanessa says:

    This video definitely had me in tears! lol And I was like “why am I crying? This little boy is just growing up” Love you Maestro and Mr. Cufflinks! He seems like a great dad! His family should and probably is proud of him!

  9. Nora says:

    Wow what he had said was very beautiful. An honest piece!

  10. Tyler Smith says:

    There is nothing better than a Brobee Toy! Greatest thing Ever! Expecting soon and I am so excited to be a dad!

  11. Kels says:

    I have been clicking through sippycupsandcufflinks.blogspot.com/ for about 30 minutes and my heart is smiling.

    Such a great way to start off my Saturday morning :)

    Thank you both.

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