Straight to the heart. Thank you.

April 12, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

Daniel Benny South Carolina, but I started watching it when I was living in Israel. Started watching it because I heard about you from Phil of The Award Tour and reading a tweet I think mentioning you. Your show does and will continue to inspire me with every single episode. The way its shot, the feelings it gives me, the people you interview, the places you see, the food you eat, you really live an extremely beautiful life. But not only do you live it, but you showcase it to all of us and allow us to take a very intimate look at all of this. I get more from watching 5 minutes of your web series than from any movie, tv show, news report because of how you convey and showcase all of the things you encounter in life. Seeing a new show come up on your site probably excites me more than most anything, and its seriously a pleasure to behold them. I can relate to your take on life, and I really feel like I’m there with you at every turn, a feeling probably shared with all others who follow your series. Please never stop doing these episodes, no matter how big your life may become, because I can’t imagine not being able to look forward to your next venture out into life.

Andreus Blackwell Seattle, WA. TACOMA to be pacific. I peep your shows because there inspirational, I absorb everything that’s in each episode and take the lessons and experiences you’ve gained and apply them to how I view life and the people around me. I connect with your shows because we have the same morals, living life and enjoying the people and culture around us.5 things thats interest me most streetwear, skatin, real hiphop, photography and food all those are in your videos. I peep your website everyday for a new episode, a new lesson I can learn, a new experiance, if you can take your film to where it’s at I believe I can take my photography to that level one day. Graduating high school in a year and I got big dreams, someone that can’t relate to my creativity is what I find on MK. Keep making episodes and I’ll keep watching.

Isaac Jaco Khalifa London… your so inspiring with what you do… im just a kid and you inspire me so much… i even said to my friend the other day.. “im gon be nice to evryone now… like LEVI would”
you just make me happy with what you do… and i aspire to be like you… how you travel… i mean i always get burgers now because maestro knows haha… im that into the episodes… the things you do i can relate to in some way… your videos are inspiring alltogether… i mean im 15 and i love your episodes… i feel like i know you and if you were to come here now it would be like ive known you for AGES… your so good with what you do and just keep doing it… i find it so DOPE that you just kept on going no matterwhat anyone said and so youve taught me SO MANY lessons with these episodes… all i can say is keep going…


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  2. Laurellah says:

    A simply galvanising individual! iGosh I Have to meet you when I come LA in July!! **sigh**

  3. Jeff Vernon says:

    Hell yeah Tacoma WA in this bish!

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    You should get paid by In n Out haha


    im SO happy that you posted me up on here.. man i love what you do… just keep doing it… ]

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    Cool stuff.

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