John Mayer by 13th Witness.

April 15, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

This is why we chose not to make a site after all. We both been working. Congrats again to my homie for this project that has really only just begun. NYC winner 13th Witness.

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7 Comments to “John Mayer by 13th Witness.”

  1. 9thProphet says:

    13th Witness, was very well done….keep doing what you do. you and Maestro.. I hope to catch out there in NY man

  2. RobC says:

    is that john mayer usin an mpc? haha cool video

  3. marv albert says:

    was lookin forward to your colab site. too bad its not gonna happen. maybe somewhere down the line?..

  4. Michael says:

    I don’t even know if I can describe how awesome this is, well done 13th Witness/John Mayer

  5. connor says:

    13th Witness killed this! Truly a fantastic job on this….looks like going on tour w/ John Mayer is pretty fun haha…Maestro when’s the next ep?

  6. Phillip Lee says:

    Bravo!! Very nice!! It made me feel like I was at every John Mayer’s tour!!! very nice positioning too 13 witness!!! Keep up the good works!!!! God bless both of you MK13!!!

  7. I feel that Mayer is one of the least noticed blues guitar players going today. I love his style, you can really see him in action in a video on youtube of him and Buddy Guy.

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