Time to speak.

March 29, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

A few weeks ago I excepted an invitation to go speak at a high school in Las Vegas. It was an amazing experience and this lecture will be the first on many, many more to come. I’m pretty sure that no one realizes this is one of the upmost important things to me, to take time and speak to others the way I wish people would have taken time & spoke to me. Thank you so much to Scott Regan for coming along and documenting the day.

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27 Comments to “Time to speak.”

  1. Nice vid, very inspiring.
    What camera was used to film this?

  2. sjc says:

    Your ending speech was nice man, good work. What type of camera did you use? The quality was magnificent.

  3. akam1k3 says:

    real talk maestro. all you gotta do is push and just follow the path. thanks for inspiring. do some motivational speakin’ in scandinavia, i gotchu if ever!

    thanks in advance.

    – alsoknownasm1k3

  4. sdotkdotc says:

    good job. prime example of paying it forward. do you think you’d be up for speaking in front of 300 students?

  5. andkgood says:

    I don’t even know where to start.
    I’ve been coming to this website day after day looking for inspiration and motivation, and well I’m always presented with boundless wisdom.

    This generation and these kid’s couldn’t be luckier to have an amazing talented person like Levi to look up to. The fact that Levi takes time out to speak to kids, speak to people, is amazing and one of the most important things creative minds can do.

    I’ve got my inspiration now, I’ve got my motivation and I’m going to push.

    Give us a shout if you’re ever in Australia.

  6. Nicholas Seymour says:

    props maestro. Stoked you were willing to show kids that if you really strive for something you can attain it no matter how many ppl say you cant.

    keep crankin it


  7. Maurits Rozema says:

    NICE vid! interesting talks and i wish i could see the lecture two. the shots are also very good. Thanks for sharing!

  8. […] spoke to me. Thank you so much to Scott Regan for coming along and documenting the day.” – Maestro by Play […]

  9. *nox100* says:

    yo maestro you the man, thanx for being who you are and inspiring these kids not by saying it but living it. God bless bro

  10. WOWWWWWWW. You need to come speak at our school!

  11. eydryan says:

    maybe one of your best videos maestro and the cinematography and colour correction was simply flawless, you should collaborate more with this guy.

    thanks for inspiring us man

  12. MORGAN Ed BAnGEr says:

    what ‘s the music, please ?!!

  13. Danny G says:

    Amazing! always inspirational.. but u really need to start havin Credits so i can see tha instrumentals u use! haha.. wat was tha instrumental in this vid?

  14. skielie says:

    WOOWWW! I love the message at the end! Bravo, Maestro!

  15. dauche says:

    :) this made me smile & one day i hope to do the same for others as you have done for them.

  16. Eric says:

    anyone know what backpack hes wearing?

  17. s says:

    really inspirational video

    not trying to call you out or anything but i just wanted to let you know that you shouldve used accepted instead of excepted

  18. eddie says:

    Please what’s the music in this video ? it’s so good !!!!

  19. Peter Oleson says:

    Love the Twins hat. MINNESNOWDA!

  20. Nicole says:

    The beat is by Canyon Springs very own, AIM (Arron is Major)
    this is his website


    make sure you let your friends know about him! The kid has mad talent.

  21. Thomas says:

    Few words very well placed. Very touching.

  22. Pat says:

    Maestro. Very inspirational and motivating. Thank you for sharing.
    What is the song called?

  23. Phillip Lee says:

    Maestro!!! Thanks for giving back to our future and inspiring them to rise above the equation.. God Bless!!

  24. Dulce E says:

    Maestro! my respect, i love how you truely follow your passions in life, how you can follow your dreams and goal and get to meet cool people in the way. You might be young but you have a lot of words of wisdom to give . Keep this up! Stay true to you

    God Bless

  25. John says:

    i think even more highly of you now that I know you do things like this. it really makes a difference in these peoples lives as well as mine. keep it up.

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