My “wanna be like Mike” shoes.

March 1, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro


I haven’t always been into tennis shoes. When I was young all I use to think about was how great Mike was, I never even really knew he had his own shoes until he stopped playing ball, I was always more interested in him and Pippen…man I thought Scottie Pippen was the coolest name, he had 33, Mike had 23, those were the days! I wonder if in 20 years they will remake Lebron’s and people will line up for them? Regardless, I think it’s pretty cool that aside from these shoes just looking really dope, they make me reminisce┬áback to being a lil guy.






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8 Comments to “My “wanna be like Mike” shoes.”

  1. Hassan Syed says:

    It will be hard for any player/brand to accomplish what Mike has achieved with his brand

  2. Zailer says:

    Just Pure Dopeness is what this is… I remained ignorant towards basketball during my youth…Why my height was always the topic of discussion so yeah… I forced myself to not love the sport… And thus, I missed the Jordon reign as a kid. But hey… Youtube rocks and now I love basketball and Jordon’s were god send for a period in everyone’s lives.

  3. J says:

    Oh, they dope alright!

  4. Nikolay says:

    Man, these Jordan XI are awesome. One of the best basketball shoe I’ve played and worn.
    To be honest, I don’t believe Nike would do to the same the the Lebron shoes. They’re good, really good..technically. But somehow they really missed the public appreciation that the Jordan brand got. I just don’t see them getting the “Classics” status

  5. Mr.Kicks (philly all day) says:

    Word? Space Jam was the shiznit wen i was younger. def remind me of wen i was comin up everytime i throw mine on. Memories lmao! jus find it funny how the new age rock because of a status symbol but a lot of us only rock jordans cause the things mike did while wearing the jordans.

  6. Meji says:

    Jordan is a G. I’ve never had a pair of J’s to be honest tho.

  7. Chris B says:

    This is my shit Maestro!!! I love what you do man! Keep up the great work!

  8. All about the black spizikes, only really got into j’s this last summer. Your a lucky boy getting all these kicks maestro, but you got skills keep up the good work. peas

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