My friend Yue Wu.

March 9, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro


Talented, creative, and cool people are all fine & great but when a simple virtue like kindness outshines them all…well then it seems as though all the others are uniquely enhanced. If I had to imagine or describe one characteristic that makes my friend Yue of the coolest people to be around, I would have to choose kindness. The reason why I’m writing about this is because some of you may or may not have seen his work function as part of the recent Wham Bam Thank You M’amm art show in Hong Kong & when you saw it you may have realized how ridiculously ill this kid is. So now I am simply providing an outlet to inform you how great it feels to see another person that is the real deal, continue to succeed at doing what they love. Yue did my first original Maestro Knows logo which is at the top of this screen right now and I also have a more in depth look into his life that I shot in Paris and am in the process of cutting up right now! See you soon.



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5 Comments to “My friend Yue Wu.”

  1. Robert says:

    he seems brilliant.

  2. Melikeshe says:

    Dopeness dude, I wanna meet you one day.

  3. Meji says:

    i like that punching pic haha

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  5. Jn McHarrie says:

    his work looks immense.

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