Just like a grown up kid.

March 21, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro



My furthest excitement on the trip thus far has been my vehicle….I got a JEEP!!! Since I’ve come into this world I’ve made memories with Jeep and I haven’t been in or around one in years so I’m super pumped that I get to roll out in this now, I feel like a little kid with his toy truck except mine is the real live grown up version that you can peel the top right off of! Yeeeeeaaaaa!

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4 Comments to “Just like a grown up kid.”

  1. Meji says:

    My friend had a Jeep and didn’t care about it. We took it on the Hummer course in Houston lol and were hitting jumps and catching air in his jeep with the top down. Did we care about life? I don’t know.

    Jeeps are cool

  2. Duckie says:

    haaaahhha! too funny! I wanna a jeep soooooooooooo bad!! I think i would pick a jeep over a foreign just always wanted one ass a kid. & i still bingo them on the road lol (spots a jeep) BINGO!


  3. Brittany says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. I love my Jeep.

  4. Nem says:

    Wrangler? I had a 2009 Wrangler for two years. Those things are hella fun!! Especially with the top off! Props!

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