Everything happens for a reason.

March 1, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro


On my last day in NY city I got to take out some creative energy & attach it to a garment for myself. As I was trying to think of what I could do to make this piece something different than anything else I have, I figured why not put my thoughts on it. ¬†As I sifted through my mobile phone, I found a quote from my (not so favorite website ever) Twitter and decided it was the right one for me. The quote reads… “Whether we comprehend it or not, everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it’s for a larger purpose than just your mind to understand”. Ironically enough after the plane ride home, the next day I found myself in the exact situation of my mind not comprehending why I left my computer on the airplane.








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14 Comments to “Everything happens for a reason.”

  1. SOBO_tm says:

    Dope hoodie man !

  2. gwdeezy says:

    nice…i need to get to NY sometime

  3. MichaelKalbo says:

    Awesome Hoodie. Great quote. I love the fact that you decided to put it on a piece of garment, I’m sure that is now your favorite piece of clothing.

  4. marcus says:

    dope hoodie maestro! I need my fix of maestro know episodes so get on that ASAP PLEASEEE!

  5. RtheCoolKid says:

    First time I seen a hoodie with a nice quote, Real DOPE Maestro =]

  6. Jessica says:

    Awesome quote. I’m glad you look at life in that perspective. It seems very few people do these days. Then again, I haven’t been around the world enough to really prove that. I’m glad you’re one of the few :)

  7. holden says:

    you get your computer back?

  8. Melissa says:

    Hooray for your new computer! : )
    –whenever you get it.

  9. Meji says:

    That’s deep brudda. It’s true too

  10. KUSUMADJAJA says:

    Neatt and CLEANNNNNNN!

  11. ania says:

    That’s a quote I live by everyday! Love the sweater hot!

  12. ania says:

    I live by this quote every day its sick man! Love the font type as well! Very creative

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