Defining inspiration.

March 1, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro


I don’t like when people overuse words because to me they lose the essence of their true meaning. The word inspiration is one example that falls victim to this problem. I first met this kid Hassan through the internet, I believe it was on Skype, he showed me these sample tennis shoes he was making and I thought “oh, that’s pretty neat”. Then came the 3D version of Hassan who showed up at the Stussy shop on La Brea this weekend, he came and spoke to me and asked if we could meet up so that he could show me his project. Finally, I come to find out this kid is only 23 years old has already served with the U.S. Coast Guard and is now back in school studying while devoting his free time to what he loves, which is designing. He explained to me the influence I was able to give to him through Maestro Knows and that each time he almost gave up….he found a reason to keep on pushing. Hassan is the exact type of young creator I respect because he doesn’t sit around and ask how, he doesn’t wait for a motivational push from someone, he imagines something and he starts to do it. Story told.


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13 Comments to “Defining inspiration.”

  1. Duckie says:

    so awesome!!!
    Mad respect for hassan!


  2. Inside a 52 says:

    You inspire a lot of us. Keep it up Maestro

  3. miss_n_maui says:

    Creativity is awesome!

  4. Hassan Syed says:

    Inspiring indeed

  5. Zailer says:

    So happy to see posts like this giving spotlight to other young artist. He is truly a go getter…

    *sigh’s* And as a creator myself, I can atone for the opposite of this: “he doesn’t sit around and ask how, he doesn’t wait for a motivational push from someone, he imagines something and he starts to do it”. Being motivated is something that has fuelled my work for so long. Living in what I defined as the “pit of darkness” for so long in my life I grasp onto the positive energy of others. When my tank is empty I dip out that zone.. only for a brief moment. And it most cases it is for the better… I don’t want my work to consume me because I put so much of myself into it. I don’t create for myself but I create for others. And without that support i’m no longer a producer but a consumer. A consumer with no understanding of self.

    I might sound out of the box but this is something I constantly struggle with and has to do with my own insecurities. My work speaks for itself and is my voice when i’m not present. And I guess I fear being judged.

  6. Nemo says:

    Yea very good article, but wait until you see the shoes they are going to sell like hotcakes!!! Keep it up Hassan!!1

  7. Maurits Rozema says:

    the shoes on the table, are they the final product or some samples he get from the factory or made by himself?

  8. J.Smith says:

    Classic with a Modern twist… I see you boy..

  9. Kawfeecake says:

    This kid is fresh. Young man who’s inspired, driven, and disciplined @ 23. Doesnt get much better than that

  10. KT says:

    Hey M,

    Thanks for your thoughts…it’s dope to see that there are people who are making their hopes and dreams become reality through hard work, devotion, and passion. Hassan, like yourself, are the sources for your own inspiration. You are the creators and the motivators for your own work. Keep rockin’…


  11. OnlyOneShonni says:

    That’s my brother… man, I am SOOO PROUD!! And thanks to all of you who left such wonderful comments. =)

  12. dynamicproducer says:

    Keep it up with the inspirational pieces. Thanks for posting things like this! Mad props to Hassan.

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