On top of the world.

February 25, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro


What world do you live in?  Sometimes the one we all share gets a bit intense for me so I hop back into my own.  Really, that’s how I grew up….inside my mind, thinking, dreaming and maturing myself one thought at a time.  I have told that story before and I will tell it for a long time because I believe it’s a great way to go about things.  When I think of my life in the last few years as I’ve really had the opportunity since being a teenager to propel it into a 3 dimensional dream…..well that’s exactly what I’ve done.  I’m super thankful to be able to tell this story as well as showcase it with amazing original visuals like the one given above by my favorite visual maker and parallel player The 13thWitness.

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5 Comments to “On top of the world.”

  1. Meji says:

    13thwitness is ill man. keep doing what yall doing

  2. I can definatly relate to this. I want so much out of life but, i feel like college has me in a stall right now. But thanks for the videos, they remind me to keep my dreams alive. Thank you for the inspirtion Maestro.

  3. Phillip Lee says:

    top of the earth!! dope picture M!! should consider to model some of the good my dude!! haha

  4. Hart says:

    I can 2nd THEOneandonly’s thoughts exactly. I’m in my second year of school right now and trying to figure out if I’m gonna finish and/or if it’s what I really want out of life right now.

    Grand new site Maestro, keep the videos/inspiration flowing.


    Dope new website Maestro. I check it everyday. Hart & THEOneandonly I feel exactly what y’all saying. College is so heavy right now.

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