My name never looked so nice.

February 24, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro


In a time where our culture has become to cool for it’s own good, I can only hope that the days ahead will hold some people that are half as interesting, gracious, humble, and talented as the artist known by the name of Futura. Many thanks to one of art cultures finest authenticators.





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15 Comments to “My name never looked so nice.”

  1. these are beautifully sickening. I immensely jealous.

  2. annakay says:

    love that. be true.

  3. RtheCoolKid says:

    Wow thats dope!!
    Today, I had on brown denim with vans, and I thought to myself, how awesome it would have been if i randomly bumped into you! Lol =]

  4. Nem says:

    Amazing! Extremely jealous!

  5. Jessica says:

    Would it be degrading on the shoes’ part to say that I prefer the writing much more?? I mean, I LOVE the shoes but Futura’s art makes me tingle all over every time I see it. He’s one of the main reasons I became so interested in graffiti in the first place. Major awesomeness on both gems.

  6. lepito 33 says:

    2 2 NICE…I need get me sum off dat…LEGENDARY

  7. Mr.Kicks (Philly All day) says:

    Not into Air Forces at all, but damn would i kill to be able to meet Futura. less talking about having him send me a pair of autographed shoes personally. More power to you brother lol. Need to hook up an episode with him, dude is a living legend.

  8. M says:

    Maestro IS true.


    wow. that should provide a SPIKE in TRAFFIC. gracias seƱor.

  10. Phillip Lee says:

    damn~~ Maestro!!! I know you won’t give that up.. but will you really rock those ones?? if you do take a picture!!! haha

  11. frankTboris says:

    Maestro you are a lucky lucky man! I got starstruck when I saw Futura in NYC….

  12. rallycars says:

    Maestro you are the man. Futura has some nice writing and I bet his art is dope. I need to research that. Not big on forces, but I love some dunks. His old SB lows are hot, but those Highs are too busy. Can’t beat a signed’ sealed, delivered personalized package from a true artist.

  13. oooooh beautiful! need to come up with my own personal signature…

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