BKRW talks to me in PARIS!

February 16, 2010   Posted by Levi Maestro

Full story HERE.

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22 Comments to “BKRW talks to me in PARIS!”

  1. Arjan says:

    This BKRW dude is funny hahaha

  2. pd says:

    levi, you’re the man. ‘promote positivity;’ that’s simple, awesome. catching up on your episodes reminds me of that conan line: ‘if you’re kind and work hard, amazing things will happen.’ much respect from NY.

  3. Niklas says:

    He got the badest accent ever!

  4. KT says:

    Hey M,

    Keep on keepin’ on…always putting out great stuff…looking forward to your new projects.

  5. Ra says:

    yo levi. been following you as of late. very inspiring man. dope to see someone doin what they love. as far as what you said about the internet, its definitely a love/hate thing. its great that we can push ourselves n get so much exposure in this medium, but terrible in that we have to filter so much, and at the same time, try to break away from all the insane amounts of inspiration out there, n focus on our own thing, there’s so much out there now.. n refreshing to see someone just bein them.. i think you’ve started a whole new movement.. jus keepin it real man. http://www.stablabs.com if you wanna see what i do: mogfx, design, illustration … . stay up!! from SF -Ra

  6. ronald says:

    song at 07.42 please..

  7. opra says:

    jay smith full of himself as usual…what a dumbass

  8. “Me I got a wife sorry.” — BKRW
    This little dude is hilarious. This was a great interview because we got to hear a bit more of your story and about your process. Keep making dope shit. Much respect Maestro!

  9. TheCoolKid says:

    Promote positivity.. Maestro better know hes dope =]

    And wow that guy seemed annoying.. “what. his english is so bad i cant understand SHIT” lmao i was so glad he said something!!

    Check out my verses at.. lifeofamartian.blogspot.com =]

  10. i agree it pd i think its really hard to “promote positivity” cause when yur constantly surrounded by negative its really easy for u to catch on to it but its soooo Dope that u promote that cause “yur not gonna get famous by putting down somthing and being negittive” said by the man himself

  11. Billy says:

    new site is dopeeee

  12. Art Apparent says:

    New site lookin dope Levi – Great interview, had me crackin’ up for real!

  13. Wenzel Dashington says:

    Honestly, dude bothered me at first!!! LOL! But you kept your poise!! hahaha!

  14. Sd RAt says:

    Hey suppp!!!

    Damnnnn i’ve been working so much lately that i couldn’t catch up with what’s going on ur blog…
    But Dude i just watched ur interview in Paris and guess what ??? I live in Paris… Hope to meet u some days …. Otherwise this episode is sick.

    Sd RAt

  15. jason mcfate says:

    @ ronald
    the song at 7:42 is a throwback… blackSTREET-“No Diggity”

  16. Nathália says:

    funny guy
    and you great as always

  17. cc says:

    anyone know the song in the begging?

  18. cc says:


  19. bryambryam says:

    SICK! that guy was pretty funny.

  20. BloomBloom says:

    I have no doubt in my mind that Maestro Knows will go to Television. I would watch evvvvvvveeeerrryyyyy episode that would air. Keep up the GREAT WORK and KEEP HAVING FUNNN!!!! PeaceandLove. Bloomer.

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