Maestro UP, H-Town DOWN!

December 17, 2009   Posted by Levi Maestro

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One Comment to “Maestro UP, H-Town DOWN!”

  1. Femi Oshikoya says:

    A Tshirt…..Dope :)
    haha never expected that…=]
    You inspire me So much!
    Luckly i stubbled across your vids i never thought id
    get myself togther and see and know what im missing in life.
    I dont wanna sound corny and random but ive looked at life like it wasnt worth trying, but your vids and the people you meet made me open my eyes real wide and focus on what i do best, and forget what others think about my progress. I wanna be a Graphics Designer and a photographer but im good at alot of other things…But i guess that shouldnt stop me right!

    Thanks for the Videos man and Good bless
    and Merry Christmas too you man

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