I’m Ace Mars biggest fan.

December 18, 2009   Posted by Levi Maestro

Whaddup Maestro.  I’m Ace I’m a part of the grindtime family with Thomas Wardlow, and Lex.

During late July my blood sugar was at a shocking 1,500 when it should be 100. I am greatful that I am alive.  While I was hospitalized for a week and a half I was watching videos on maestroknows.com every second of the day.  And I really dont play sports any more because of the type 1 diabetes but after a watching a few skate videos from Nike SB & the Tokyo video on Maestro Knows I found the passion to begin skating again.  Thanks For That.

At the Diamond sale during late november I saw you on your So Cal Flyer (something I am saving up for) I was starstruck and wanted to speak with you but I couldnt. My friend whaddup lavish was like go holla at him and I was just starstruck like crazy.

Thanks for everything im starting young so hopefully I can be on your level and explore the world by the time im 20. Thats 6 years in the making.

Thanks a lot Maestro. I truly appreciate it. Everything you do.”

Ace Mars

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3 Comments to “I’m Ace Mars biggest fan.”

  1. Tony says:

    Damn… I remember I was in Stussy La Brea and I saw him too.

    I was also really starstruck but I went and said wassup.

    I ended up seeing him twice that day… once in Stussy and then down Fairfax while me and the homies were walking to Flighclub.

    Really dope day.

  2. Ace Mars says:

    This is ace mars , tha ks again maestro, appreciate it alot homie!!

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