I am Cesar Pacho’s biggest fan.

December 23, 2009   Posted by Levi Maestro

“Hey, I’m sorry to bother you I know u might not really care of what I’m gonna say but u mean alot to my Uncle Cesar Pacho he is 25 years old and he has muscular dystrophy!  Well since I started watching ur videos u put up on ur website/page ever since the 3rd one he has been watchin every single one not missing any of them, well since he cant move I have to go on it for him but he’s right here next to me I’ll write for him while he tells me what he wants to tell you!

Aye Levi your the man , I wish I could have one day to go see u film and explore the world like you do.  I wanted to let you know u are my role model!  I love how u never think negative, always positive, ever since I’ve been watching ur videos u upload on ur page man, u make me want to get out of my chair and film.  I did save up to get the cam you have, I wish I could use it, but just knowing I have the same camcorder as you is good enough, maybe you can teach me a few stuff.  Just know that Michael Jackson is my role model since I was a little boy and now your’e my role model.  I don’t know what else to say but that u have made me want to start filming but I can’t unless I attach the cam to my wheelchair and go on from there.  Well I hope to hear from you thanks for taking ur time to read my email thank you so much once again.

UR boy Cesar Pacho!

Well that’s what he wanted you to know, I hope to see another video comin lol.  By the way I’m Samantha and p.s. he does have that panasonic cam lol wont let anyone touch it!”

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11 Comments to “I am Cesar Pacho’s biggest fan.”

  1. W L says:

    There is no type of reward or payment for anything you do Levi that can compare to the reality and authenticity oft his young mans appreciation for your Visons and how you choose to share it with all of us who are lucky enough to learn about you and what you do. WORDS like these are the type of expression of appreciation I strive to one day hear from people about what I do.. I’m working on it.. Thank you for sharing that with us.- WL

  2. Michael Kusumadjaja says:

    WOW. that’s a really inspiring. Cesar Pacho your the man!! never let your dreams go, maybe someday you’ll be able to get up out of that wheel chair and do the same as Levi. and Yo Maestro keep up the work man, i like your videos as much as Cesar do!

  3. Noheh Jimenez says:

    Man.. That’s awesome.

  4. Duckie says:

    Wow! Contagious Inspiration! Love this!


  5. miss_n_maui says:

    Beautiful. U gotta know ur doin the right thing (what ur meant 2 do) when u have the priveledge 2 witness unexpected benefits.

  6. DFlores says:

    This is really sweet.
    Keep up the good work, Levi. ♥

  7. Danny says:

    wow…nothing could possibly say you’re on the right path more than CEASER PACHO’s praise. I’m not 100% surprised, Levi’s doing the damn thing. I hope you can find a way to bless the brother Ceaser with some tips on how to film and get to meet him.

    CEASER PACHO i hope do figure a way to film, and while i share the earlier comment of “maybe someday you’ll be able to get up out of that wheel chair” i’ll bet there’s a way to start today. as the old proverb goes, “the journey of one thousand miles, begins with one step.” Ceaser, i hope you keep working towards your dreams. Don’t let anyone stop you, or say you can’t achieve your dreams cuz you can. Just look at Levi.

  8. hiya says:

    Cesar: you don’t need to operate the cam yourself — most directors/film-makers have camera operators (cameraman) doing it for them. Just tell your sister (or another friend) where to aim the cam.

    And after you put it all into the computer, you can tell an editor — sister or another friend — how to cut it and put it all together just the way you want.

    Directors don’t need to touch nothing! You’re the brains — somebody else can be the hands. And collaboration is the conversation between head and hands.

    Go for it, Bro! No need to wait! Maestro is the best inspiration to follow, since his videos are so fine!

  9. tony says:

    truthfully this is just touching in so many ways & Cesar dont give up follow your dreams.

  10. Jacob says:

    Keep up the good work Maestro!

  11. Meji says:

    Thats deep man

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