This is what inspires me!!!!!

November 9, 2009   Posted by Levi Maestro

I hope that in the following lines I write my words will be able to match my feelings.  I receive a lot of great emails everyday but this one below threw itself into a category all of it’s own.  It constantly impresses me how people from different countries are so interested in what’s going on outside of their homeland.  When I receive messages from countries a lot of times they are in broken English which again impresses me because it shows just how high their morale for learning is, they do their absolute to communicate their feelings which is something I can completely relate to.  The subject that Johannes entered for the following email was “Just Another Fan-Mail” which is ironic because what he thought was that was actually something completely extraordinary and made me realize that I have some real champions supporting my efforts.  Thank you Johannes…



How’s it going? 

I live in Santa Barbara this year, but I am from Sweden. Yesterday me and my friends went to Hollywood to do some old-school turisting, we went on one of those sigtsing busses witch I thought was pretty interessting and fun becouse my friends where trying to spot film-stars and actors and all.. I told them that the person that I’d wanted to see the most was a “bloger” named: Maestro Knews.


About 2 min later You passed the buss on your bike! That was sick!! I was kinda starstrucked but I tried to shut: Levi!! Levi!! but you had your “Dr. Dre Beats” on so you could not hear me..

However I managed to take some pictures of you..

Keep it up!

If you ever need somthing from Sweden or SB, let me know!




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22 Comments to “This is what inspires me!!!!!”

  1. RBTradition says:

    That’s so dope! You’re a real inspiration guy. Keep it up, hopefully I’ll run into you one day when I’m out in LA.

  2. Wow! So cool and ironic!

  3. ChristianFGY says:

    Wow that’s pretty amazing… Well yea keep doing your thing Maestro I myself am being inspired by you to.

  4. miss_n_maui says:

    Truely cool. Congrats 2 both!

  5. That’s just damn awesome.

  6. Duckie says:

    WOW! this email is amazing no doubt! a lot of times when you say something you can speak it into real life situation, as long as there’s positive thinking backing it up! & thts what def. happen’d here! This is amazing!


  7. I really dont know wat to say i once tryed looking for u when i went to LA but i didnt see u haha. But u are just an amazing person like my self i am tryin to start a clothing line and when i tell pepole most of the time they laugh and i mostly get uninspired in what i am trying to persuade but i usally come here and u always have somthin here that inspires me and i want to say thank u for all u do – Evan Pumphrey

  8. Yash says:

    nice story :)

    what happened to your special beats from episode ten?

    i got myself a pair too but unfortunately the headband broke after just three weeks and i really treated them with care… i send them back and after three weeks i got a new pair but they were faulty too… the left earpiece is so loose that i does not stay in its place…

    it’s a shame that headphones that sound so friggin great and even have the name dr. dre on it are so fragile…

  9. Ojo Ecko says:

    Real always recognize Real and thats a perfect example of it…..keep moving forward my guy

  10. TRIX says:

    You deserve fam. Keep the vision in motion and you will be rewarded and honored for it.

  11. ocho says:

    Yup I can confirm that you are quite popular here in Sweden.

  12. nicholas-t says:

    This is real dope!

  13. Gammara says:

    My comment here is pretty much the same as Evan. I do got beef a lot from my friends when it comes to manage clothing line, but you here making videos, etc always inspired me to push myself forward and believe for what I’m doing.

    Also, I recently started to make my own movies – more like a youtube videos blog. It is so much fun (now I know the reason why you document yourself haha)


  14. SJ says:

    I <3 that
    Totes respect for Johannes

  15. Billy says:

    haha thats cool. I dont know what i’d say to you if I saw you in the street. come to London one day!

  16. Dan Tizzo says:

    maestro that is what’s up.. gettin out and doin thangs!!
    i hope one day i can catch you on the streets of cleveland checkin out the coolness we got out here!

  17. Milton says:

    KEEP GOING MAN. You inspired me and so many people because you are doing what you like ,and the persuit of happiness for me is that .Maestro knows is INTERNACIONAL , im a prove of that ,props from PORTUGAL

  18. maestrofan says:


  19. Carl says:

    Great, Johannes you are not alone, i use to live in SB and im also from sweden, and i also got huge love for the streetwear culture and the inspiration Maestro is giving to us. Keep it up Maestro you do have a lot of faans in Sweden!

  20. Sweden kick it! Maestro to!
    Best from to worlds.


  21. Zailler says:

    wow, that’s so AWESOME! I read the headline of your post “This is what inspires me” and something came over me I just started writing. I ended up writing a spoken word piece that I think I may preform (first time on stage…nervous!). I just finished it and decided to actually read your post and this was motivational. You never know the people who look up to you but their watching. I work with kids and I had no idea the affect I had on them. Anything I did outside of work could affect their lives. It’s so motivating when a kid who when you first met had no hopes for the future and when you ask her today she says “I want to be like Zailer.” It’s not that she wants to be like me that makes me happy, cause she has to become her own individual but I love that she wants to live life now. I’m babbling I guess it’s the writer in me that’s making me want to keep typing…espically since I’m out of the academia world and can write informally and no ones cares! Freedom! it sure feels nice.

    Nice story!

  22. Michael says:

    That was the COOLEST email I’ve ever read, good stuff Johannes =)

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