Just keeps getting better.

November 8, 2009   Posted by Levi Maestro

Holler @13thwitness

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5 Comments to “Just keeps getting better.”

  1. DrunkenSyNN says:

    maestro this is such a dope clip….handball is a classic hood sport for us new yorkers. i also wanted 2 tell u bro that ur a real inspiring dude

    much love big homie keep up tha great work

  2. meng says:

    that thing is teeeeny–how do these big guys keep up with it? haha looks crazy fun. diggin the vid too, music was perfect. i loveddd the shot at 1:20, even tho it was only for a moment.


  3. meng says:

    oopsss, props to 13th witness too! cause i don’t have a twitter :]

  4. ohvsca says:

    i love it that even the fat guy can get down.. gives me hope that i could be good at something!

  5. richb says:

    dude. im in awe by the way you find your music? what track is this?

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