NYC EDITION preview by 13th Witness!

October 20, 2009   Posted by Levi Maestro


by 13th Witness

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9 Comments to “NYC EDITION preview by 13th Witness!”

  1. nicholas-t says:

    Nice, So Cal BMX…? A real industrial image, real NY style!

  2. sam callis says:

    dope hat! AAAAaarh man i cant wait for NYC Edt i love that city with all my heart.


    Awww man i’m getting excited again. I remember getting this feeling when I saw the preview pics for season 2. Ahh. Its a great feeling of motivation, inspiration, and positivity.

  4. ECKS says:

    You inspire me…

  5. chris-o says:

    I’m so down for the NYC edition.
    I can’t wait for the first drop. I definitely strive to live a life like you in the next few years…
    Keep the killer episodes coming.

  6. yashweb says:

    can’t wait :)

    oh boy, you can not imagine how i am looking forward to next summer when i am finally visiting the usa

  7. canadasb says:

    Best of luck with the NYC edition, iv been spreading Maestro Knows like warm butter up in canada EH!

  8. GPM says:

    YEA CANT WAIT FOR THIS SEASON HA YEA KEEP DOIN YO THING CUZ U GOOD AT IT…ha yea man fan since day 1…really inspire me

  9. Jn McHarrie says:

    this is so dope man. My two favourite peeps, you and 13th Witness. Sick Sick picture!!!!

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