My homie Yue designs new air max for Lebron!

September 3, 2009   Posted by Levi Maestro

















OHHHH WOWWWWW!  Look at these pictures above!  New shoes for King Lebron inspired by the new film about to drop entitled, “More Than A Game”.  My homie Yue “Nyno” and his friend Stephane Ashpool “The Mayor” designed this set of beauties as part of the Paris artists series.  We were just chatting yesterday and he was telling me about this project (seems as though he always has a new project) and I asked for some images because I am a big fan of design and I like checking out the “behind the scenes” if you will.  Anyway, can’t wait to be in Paris SOON!!!!!!


Check out Yue’s work HERE.

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  1. […] Earlier this week, we gave you the official released photos of prada’s Air Max Lebron VII Paris Edition from the More Than a Game Artist Series.  What might be just as enjoyable as seeing these works for the first time is a behind-the-scenes look at the production process.  Some might have seen the initial images and thought, “Eh,” but you may give these a little more respect when you realize that the detailing was not just a simple push of a factory machine to produce the unique look of these specific Lebrons.  See King Lebron’s new signature shoe gradually go from what would look like a general release, into a complete masterpiece.  Via Maestro Knows. […]

  2. Phil-G. says:

    Yue is THE man!!

    Great work! Can’t wait to sse what comes next from this young man…

  3. dynamicproducer says:

    Yeah. That’s sck. I like the color choce and the details.

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