New video interview of me in NYC.

August 17, 2009   Posted by Levi Maestro

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4 Comments to “New video interview of me in NYC.”

  1. Seth says:

    Good stuff, I am enjoying this season! Totally want to meet you in LA or NYC sometime.

  2. dauche says:

    love the show.
    nice interview, street level definitely made us see what “levi maestro” is like.
    what can i say? these documents are inspirational and motivational.
    love & respect.
    good work.


    *p.s. Never Give Up, you got this ! :)

  3. Larisa says:

    Boyyyyy, you are too cute. 😉

    I like when you said: ” When I graduated high school, that’s to me when life began..”
    That’s mad deep! You have a lot ahead of you so keep your head up and keep the season rolling. 😀

  4. Melissa says:

    Yeah, New York and LA are cool but, don’t forget about Chicago. With that said, see you soon!!

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