Coming Soon!

July 18, 2009   Posted by Levi Maestro







??????  Shot by Ryan Lusteg.

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7 Comments to “Coming Soon!”

  1. NIck says:

    Yo what kind of shoes do you have on?

  2. yo i fuck with u maestro. but you odeein’ now. skatin in your ’94s? thats a lil funky son. lol. These are some ill shots though. your action shots got that nice vertical view.

    yo check out my blog sir :

  3. can’t wait
    i can sense that its going to be good shoes + skateboarding

  4. LOL says:

    how come the AIR logo is white its not like the retro that was just released.. Its dope anyway!

  5. EXCLMTN says:

    what trick is that on the bench. Ollie North boardslide?

  6. Cadense65 says:

    I just picked up those kicks today. i love skatin but i got a DIFFERENT pair of kicks for that! haha much love tho

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