The best new artist out!

June 22, 2009   Posted by Levi Maestro



This tape is actually about a year or so old now but never got released, a few people got it at shows and BJ passed it to some but we decided to now release it online to give everyone a preview of what’s to come on the new one.  I listen to this in my car all the time and think about how dope it is that I’m listening to a new voice of real R&B music.  Get ready, it’s about to get lovely.


Download:  A Taste Of Chicago Mixtape

More of "Motivations"   (BROWSE ALL)

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    Im downloading it right now!! Denial is my fav track from BJ so far!!


  2. Cory Gibbons says:

    this is dope.
    love “who’s?” and “change gon come”

    great work

  3. […] BJ The Chicago Kid hails from none other than the windy city (hence the name). A Taste Of Chicago has been in the streets for a minute, but BJ decided to let it circle online to give people a taste of what his music is all about before the new one drops. Aside from the commentary transitions, the music is refreshing. The kid has vocals.. there’s definitely some smooth R&B (no autotune) on here. Lifted from Maestro. […]

  4. nicholas-t says:

    Dope, love it, to bad the songs are still real short!

  5. Sylvester the dutch kid says:

    Yo maestro I can’t extract the files.
    What’s up with that dog?

    Holla at ya.

  6. mlewjr says:

    What’s up w/ the errors??? Is a new link coming?

  7. […] if you haven’t downloaded BJ’s newest mixtape, A Taste of Chicago, you should do so now. This was our first time meeting Maestro and BJ and we can easily say they are super nice dudes. […]


  9. dynamicproducer says:

    BJ is the real deal! I was listening to a bunch of tracks on youtube earlier and I’m a believer! lol

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