Maestro Knows Season 2 Intro previews by 13th Witness!

June 26, 2009   Posted by Levi Maestro







COMING SOON!!!!!!! Shot by 13th Witness.

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6 Comments to “Maestro Knows Season 2 Intro previews by 13th Witness!”

  1. Arthur L. says:

    looking dope maestro

  2. Gerald says:

    what kind of shoes are those

  3. nygeezy says:

    dope pics .. 13th always kills it! big ups maestro

    the shoes are the il due by gourmet

  4. Sid says:

    Yo, these pics are crazy!

  5. Neas says:


    Those are IL’Due’s man.

    I’m kinda jealous cuz he got suede’s on, mine are only cotton….

  6. antoine says:

    for the guy above, i am pretty sure they are gourmet, but i dont think they are out yet…

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