Grippin’ Grain!

June 3, 2009   Posted by Levi Maestro

My new ride!




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11 Comments to “Grippin’ Grain!”

  1. Brinkleberg says:

    First in the hood on wood.

  2. thirdproduction says:

    whats the brand name on that fantastic two wheeled whip?

  3. dice says:

    what kind of bike is that?

  4. sus says:

    dope ride

  5. D says:

    What Kind of Bike is that?

  6. Dubenson Yvon says:


  7. Levi Maestro says:

    yo! the brand is SE Racing!

  8. mickeyknight says:

    wonderfull bike and dope shoes,whats the name of the shoes?

  9. jay villa says:

    your shoes are them undefeats by converse right?

  10. smalls says:

    this bike is boss!

  11. zeak says:

    Those are the poor mans weapon arent they? yep. super jhelly. i need to go to la.

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