Fried chicken at it’s finest!

June 11, 2009   Posted by Levi Maestro

I’ve had fried chicken in more than 20 different states and none of that was messin’ with this!!


I didn’t find this place on my own, my homie Tony Jonte took me. Go see him an UNDFTD on La brea!




Mmmmm finished!  LA baby!!!

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2 Comments to “Fried chicken at it’s finest!”

  1. timrollsx says:

    I know this place. I think it used to be called golden bird back in the day.

  2. ?uest says:

    AMAZIN! fried chicken. honey. fries. AND A BISCUIT. AND A MILKSHAKE!!! daaang bredrin… thats good enough to be the Last Meal.

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