I like rappers that know how to rap.

May 29, 2009   Posted by Levi Maestro



It’s rare these days that you hear someone new that sounds that confident in what they’re spittin. My homie Cairo just sent me this song from an artist of his that I wouldn’t post unless I thought you should hear it. It’s always good when you hear an artist that sounds like they should be making music.

Fame – “Westside Story”

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4 Comments to “I like rappers that know how to rap.”

  1. ***VoKaLz*** says:

    Fame is unstoppable!! Can we say..genius!! Hott lyrics…hott trax…..nuff said!! Shout out to Fresh Kidz 😉

  2. boss lady says:

    I love this song I’m so proud of u keep up the work….

  3. ChristianFGY says:

    Aha man Fame and Cairo sure are a dope team, dope people, dope music

  4. dynamicproducer says:

    HOT! haven’t heard a song like that in a hot minute. So lyrical, I love it!

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